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Halcion Day

After all the hoopla after the last few weeks, today I had a bit of reality – Oral Surgery. Shocking that I can even write after all that Halcion.

I was quite sketched all day. Nervous and sweaty until it was time to take the drugs, an hour and a half before the appointment. Then I was nervous and sweaty about taking the drugs. Which is weird for me. Anyway, I took them and within a half hour or so I was sighing deeply, and in another half hour I couldn’t make my keyboard work right.

Brian came and got me and delivered me to the doctor (we drove the two blocks) and the whole thing was rather bizarre, not really painful, but trippy. First they gave me a lot of shots and I was kind of loopy so they didn’t bother me so bad. But the weird thing is, they blindfolded me with this big black cloth. So I could see nothing. I could hear, turn this way, turn that way. They were pushing and pulling but all in all it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

Then it was done! Brian picked me up again (I think we walked this time – did we?) Back home I think I ate some soup and fell asleep for awhile. But then I woke up and watched “Year of Living Dangerously” and now whatever drugs were there are gone. Halcion is kind of cool, if you don’t plan on doing anything for awhile, at least in my first experience of it.

I have an over active imagination and I had the most gruesome and scary thoughts of the afternoon. But really it wasn’t that bad. Still can’t figure out the blindfold. Kind of hot, if you think about it. Dentistry and Bondage. Hmmmm.

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