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Slow down, don’t move too fast.

Ok, now I have something to write about.

As I begin to plan, REALLY plan, me & mom’s Spain trip, I am having a hard time not Slow Traveling. In other words, I am trying to do too much.

As it is on paper now, we are flying into Santiago de Compostela for a few days, then down to Pontevedra in Galicia for two nights. On to the parador in Vilalba (because that place looks hella cool) for one night, then to Leon for one night, then to Laguardia in La Rioja for three. THEN to San Sebastian for three or four nights and one in Bilbao before our flight to Clive and Sue’s place in the Sierra de Grazalema.

It’s too much. I know it, you know it, there is no way we can cover this much ground. It basically amounts to crossing the entire northern coast of Spain in a two week period.

So, I guess I am pondering the idea of dropping San Sebastian, and instead, taking it alot slower from Pontevedra to Laguardia, stopping off here and there to smell the Picos de Europas. But then the thought of the tapas scene in San Sebastian…

I don’t know what to do. But I have to say that, I am so happy I won the week at Clive and Sue’s, because part of their deal is, they do EVERYTHING. Pick you up at the airport, drive you around, cook for you… being the worst kind of anal planner, this is beyond relief.

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