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Who needs LSD when you’ve got dreams?

So I almost couldn’t bring myself to post this because it is just too weird.

Last night, or this morning… sometime in that other reality, anyway, I had this insanely crazy thing happen in one of my dreams. It wasn’t weird like flying over pits of a purple substance that looked like melted PopRocks or weird like making out with Vanessa Redgrave or other types of bizarre randomness. It was even weirder – I was holding a bean and cheese burrito, and it farted. TWICE.

At the risk of becoming known as the blogger who once confessed she dreamed about a farting burrito, I am not sure I can let this one pass without asking for some outsider tips about what the fuck this all means. Not only did the burrito fart twice, but before it farted, it sort of stiffened up in a pre-fart pose. It was an Animistic Burrito. A farting burrito with a SOUL. How else can I explain it? There is no possible way. I don’t think.

Right before I went to bed I was reading this book I got at a garage sale yesterday for fifty cents, called The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reincarnation. My favorite line so far? “And now this Complete Idiot’s Guide gives reincarnation another boost of respectability.” Um, OK.

So was my dream somehow connected to reincarnation? Or maybe the burrito symbolizes a penis? A farting penis? Or maybe, this is just a subtle move on my brain’s part to tell me to lay off the bean burritos. I don’t know.

In other news, I made the most kick-ass homemade ravioli this weekend, with pumpkin, crushed amaretti and Riesling. And I also made two ice creams – a chocolate one laced with grappa and a creamy custardy one with an acorn liqueur I bought in Spain. I think I might have a future in ice cream – Shannon’s Super Sexy Ice Creams. No kids can have it though.

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