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My Big News

I’ve been sick. Laid out, hot and cold, sweating. Unable to breathe or lift anything.

I love living alone but I’ll say this: being sick alone? Beyond horrible. It’s the only time I wish I had someone around to take care of me. I’m getting better now, thanks god.

Anyway. The “big news” is not so crazy; I guess it might have sounded that way because my sister-in-law Carrie called me to admonish me that she should be told of big news before my blog readers! Sorry Carrie. I’m not pregnant, getting married or divorced, I did not get fired or get a promotion, and I am pretty sure my cholesterol is the same as it’s always been.

The big news then.

I’ve been a part of the slowtrav community for over five years as an active member. This is a group of people that have become like a family to me. Like, it is a HUGE part of my life.

Last week, Pauline, founder and “Queen,” as we call her, asked me if I wanted to become a moderator and head up my own forum on Spain! After about five seconds of deliberation I said yes.

My job as a moderator will be to get people in there, so if have been to Spain, want to go to Spain, or, well, just like Rioja, please stop by. Just be nice, ’cause I have the power to whup your butt if you aren’t. Just kidding, I won’t whup anybody’s butt. I don’t think.

This is a cool new chapter in my life and I am really excited about it. So, onward! HERE is a link to the Spain and Portugal forum. As moderator, I command you to check it out! Just kidding. Maybe.

4 Responses to “My Big News”

  1. kimmer99 Says:

    LOL – glad you’re feeling better. When I lived in St. Louis and would get sick, and Chris was on the road, I’d call my mom and whine, “Come take care of me,” once she almost did!

    I’m so psyched you’re moderating Spain! Get lots of good information b/c hopefully in a couple of years I’ll be heading that way!

  2. kikiluv Says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I hope you are feeling better…it’s Kristi here in Austin. They just announced the schedule for ACL and Spoon is playing but you probably knew that already.
    Take care,

  3. ColleenA Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Maybe the dry Reno heat will help get rid of the last of your bug.

    … The Queen’s minions are happy to have you join us! 😀

  4. formerwino Says:

    Congratulations Shannon! That is so cool. I went to the Spain Slow Trav site and salivated. I have alsways wanted to go there and I hope that someday I will with my family in tow. Sorry you have been sick, I am sick right now too. It sucks no matter if you are single or have a family around. Earlier today I was wishing that I could just have some silence and be alone to I could nap, but no luck. Well, I am excited for you and your new endeavor! I miss you.

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