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Tears and Mist

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

It’s a cold and foggy New Year’s morning here at the beach, and I am up fairly early because I have a party to throw. Last night? Went to The Vine at about 4:30 and drank some great wine, then rushed home at the early hour of nine o’clock to catch Radiohead’s “Scotch_Mist” on Current TV.

I have to say… or confess, whatever… that I cried through most of the first showing. Whatever stuff I’ve been holding in since March 27 came out last night between about 9:15 and 9:45. I love this band so much that I couldn’t even control myself. Thank all the gods here and in the universe for Radiohead.

There was another showing at 10:00 and I made it through that one OK, and I am listening to it right now, because it’s on current.com. Don’t know for how long, but I’d advise everyone who reads this to try to check it out. I was, am, totally blown away by it. This pretty much says it all:

As for my party? Got lots of food, lots of wine, and lots of good friends coming. Should be a good day, one with no tears.