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I’ve got tickets to all kinds of shows this summer, but the one show I am waiting for is Portishead. They played Coachella, which I can never go to (and probably even if I could I wouldn’t) because of work. Unfortunately, they aren’t scheduled to come around anytime soon… but when they do I will be there.

There aren’t too many bands that can bring you back to a time and place, but Portishead brings me straight back to 1995, when their first record Dummy was pretty much on my CD player 24/7. I still listen to it at least once a month – it is one of the Best Records Ever.

Portishead kind of disappeared for a long time but now they are back with another truly incredible record – called “Third.” While it will never be “Dummy” to me, it is a pretty incredible record. So now I am waiting. In the meantime, I have youtube.

The crazy thing – I am going to see Britt Daniel do a solo show at the Belly Up tomorrow night, and I am not even freaking out. It totally sucks, not being in love, but on the other hand I’ll get some sleep.

2 Responses to “Triphoppen”

  1. ColleenA Says:

    Britt Daniel solo show? Not freaked out? What is WRONG with this picture???

    Have a FAB time. Looking forward to hearing about how not freaked out you were at the concert. 😀


  2. Sue Says:

    Colleen, obviously someone has taken over Shannon’s blog posting shit about not freaking out about at Britt Daniel solo show. Should we call the SD Police or is Shannon really holed up in an hotel w/Britt and is just trying to throw us off the track?

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