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Time to Go

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

I am leaving today.  Of course it is another beautiful day here.  I would be really sad, but I am already planning to come back next year and have already worked out with the landlord here, a one month stay.  I am just not sure if it will be in the spring or in the fall, just yet.

What an amazing experience this has been.  I was so lucky to have such beautiful sunny days.  I guess it kind of sucked to get sick, because I did not do many of the things I thought I would do.  I am also kind of a lazy person, so in fact I may have never done those things anyway.  But, I will be back and then I can once again be lazy and think about doing them, and maybe even do them.

Until then though, I will carry the memories of my April in Paris with me forever.  The sun setting over my perch at the Bastille canal, watching Spanish football with a bunch of Barcelona fans, eating pate and drinking wine while watching the tourists go by on the Seine. Everything.

Tonight I will take the night train to Venice, in a second class compartment with six couchettes.  I have taken a night train before, from Venice to Budapest, but in a private cabin.  (I am trying to remember now, if we booked it that way, or if it just happened that way.) Anyway, I hope it will be an adventure, with cool people and a minimum of smells.  And when I wake up, I will be in Italy.  I am saying goodbye to one city I love, but tomorrow I will say hello to another one, one with lots of familiar faces.  Life is good.

Thanks for following along on my adventures with me.  A Bientot!