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The Dream of the Motorbikes

First of all, I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with Elbow’s new record Leaders of the Free World. The first song is so totally epic, industrial, tripped out and cool… I love it when a record starts out with EPIC. Fuck waiting until the end for that. The rest of the record is killer, too.

I can’t stop listening to it… I know my life is hella boring. Just the way it is.

Also, I found out today that Sigur Ros is going to be in Austin, Texas at the end of February, at the same time I will! All of a sudden I am all excited about everything again. What is WRONG with me. I fear that I am hopelessly out of touch with anything resembling reality.

And I already have a ticket… more on that later. I was already so excited to go to Austin since it is the home of you know who but now I don’t even care about that! Well actually I do, but whatever.

So the other night I dreamed about Britt Daniel for the first time since, well, the first time. That I can remember anyway. I woke up right after in a sweat. The dream was perplexing, not like the first one. I was in a big lot, almost like a junkyard, and Britt was there too. We were both working on our motorbikes. We never spoke, though I was always trying to get his attention. He looked on with a detached, unconvinced air.

What is the symbolism of the motorbikes? That one is weird.

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  1. jeff Says:

    Could the symbolism of a motorbike have to do with going or getting somewhere? And as with any mode of transportation isn’t the motor the most important component? Now, I don’t know who Britt is, but it seems in your dream he was treating you with contempt. Did (does) he? Perhaps you’re feeling unloved (or worse unlovable) at this time in your life? Makes me wonder who (or what) Britt symbolizes. But, what do I know?

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