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The Hazy Eye of God

Reader: Where have you been? Where? WHERE?

Blogger: Uh, on the road. Like, nowhere new.

Reader: But WHY OH WHY have you not been blogging?

Blogger: Uh, well, um, like there was no computer.

Reader: Oh.

Blogger: But I saw some preteen softball tryouts and stuff.

Reader: OK.

Blogger: Yeah, in my hometown and I was with my best friend from high school and it was her daughter in the tryouts.

Reader: Fascinating.

Blogger: It was sort of weird because I had to watch what I was saying around her kids.

Reader: Yeah, like what? What could you not say?

Blogger: Well, stuff like – remember when we were in high school and we used to crawl in that cement mixer over there and take bong hits?

Reader: I can see how that would be sort of weird for your friend.

Blogger: Weird for me too because as soon as I saw that cement mixer all I could think about was how smoky it was in there.

Reader: What else?

Blogger: Oh well. You know. It is always kind of weird to go back to your hometown. There are two people who know way too much about you and the rest don’t remember you.

Reader: This isn’t very good. This is boring.

Blogger: Yeah? Well fuck you, I am tired.

Reader: Yo. Calm down. There is a light at the opening of the cement mixer.

Blogger: Really? No more Travelodges? No more Days Inns?

Reader: Yep, you are almost there, and you will get a treat.

Blogger: The only treats I want are my own bed and a case of St. Amant Tempranillo.

Reader: The bed you will get. Maybe I can get together with the other readers on the Tempranillo.

Blogger: About time I got something out of this deal.

Reader: OK then! See you in a couple of days.

Blogger: Whatever.

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