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Amped Out

Last night I started thinking about luggage. As in, what am I going to do about it. Basically I am thinking about how I can buy wine in Spain and bring it home – now that I can’t actually bring it into the cabin, I am sort of screwed. So essentially I am visiting three different wine regions of Spain and I can’t bring any wine home. Well, screw that. Ship it? Not (too expensive.) Put it in a box and bring it home like that? Not (too complicated, too hard to move around when you are exhausted.) No, I have to buy some sort of a rolling suitcase that is big and also, hard-shelled. Then I can throw away all my clothes and just fill that sucker up with wine.

So since I have been thinking about this so much it is only natural that my overactive imagination would take over, especially since I have had immense quantities of mindless time over the weekend with nothing to take my mind off it. I started to think about those big black cases that musicians haul their gear around in. And I started to think, how cool would it be to have a suitcase that was not only big, and not only hard and tough, but also looked hella cool? As in, if you rolled it around in the airport everyone would think you were a rock star, or at the very least a roadie? I figure, with one of those big black cases, I could slap some wheels on the bottom and outfit the inside with some styrofoam wine holders, and voila, I could bring home ten, maybe twenty bottles of wine.

The only problem, of course, would be the weight. I guess each one of those cases probably weighs something like twenty pounds, and this would probably be kind of a drag when the airline wants to charge a hundred and fifty dollars because you went fifty pounds overweight. So then I started thinking, well, you just have to make this luggage DESIGNER, and charge $5000 for one suitcase just like Prada does, because rich people don’t care about extra weight because they not only have people to carry their shit, they also have private jets, hence they don’t have to worry about overweight charges. Then with all the money I make on the Prada Roadie Luggage, I can then afford to pay for these charges myself.

So in my mind I have the whole line of luggage going, complete with bumperstickers of rock bands you have never heard of, and stencils that say stuff like PROPERTY OF BRITT DANIEL. And it would be sold already banged up and thrashed. I swear, sometimes I have some brilliant ideas, what can I say, maybe Irving, Texas is good for me.

Now I just have to find some investors but in the meantime, if you ever see luggage that looks like this, let it be known right now that THIS WAS MY IDEA.

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  1. ColleenA Says:

    I have to go to Irving the week after next!! Can’t believe you were there when I wasn’t.
    … Tote that bag: I saw some very cool purple hardsided luggage a few months ago, but didn’t “need” a new suitcase so didn’t buy it. I should have just bought it anyway – perfect for wine transpo.

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