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Happy Birthday Tommy. Love, Sis

My brother’s 40th birthday is tomorrow and I just want to get this in today in case he checks in the morning:


Last year I had my 40th in Sicily, with people I love. This year Tom will have his in Belgium, with people he loves. I wish I was there, but I can be there in spirit. Yum, frites taste GOOD.

Anyway Tom, if you get this (or Kasch if you read this print it and bring it to him) I want to say I love you and I am proud of you, little brother. Have a fantastic day.

All my readers feel free to leave Tom a little birthday message of your own. ESPECIALLY the ones who know him…


7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Tommy. Love, Sis”

  1. ColleenA Says:

    Happy Birthday, Tom!! 40 is Good. The best is yet to come … Cheers! Colleen

  2. Jay Essa Says:

    Happy birthday tortilla- I love you so much,little baby Ryan says happy birthday also. If you were here he would take you to Disneyland. Jay

  3. Betsy cowgirl Says:

    Happy Birthday Tom! 40 years is just a unit of measure….. Live life to its fullest. Happy happy day!.. Betsy

  4. prentiss Says:

    hey tom, keep on rocking with your band, “happy birthday”… prentiss

  5. Lil D Says:

    Happy Birthday Tommy!!!! Been missin’ ya like crazy in the “living room”. Have fun rocking people across the pond, be safe!!!

    With love from your Soul Sister #1….Lil D

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Happy Birthday to one of my long lost cousins!! Hopefully when and if you get back to the states we can get all of us cousins together…including Billy (we never call him that and I laugh whenever anyone else does) this time. We may be a pretty dysfunctional family but we’re still family!!


  7. Kim Martin Says:

    Happy Birthday Tom!
    Hope you are still checking comments after the fact.
    Hope to hang with you and Shannon again in Ocean Beach as I’ve always had such a great time with you guys in the past.
    40 is young. Just ask my 80 something landlady!
    Big Hug
    Kim Martin

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