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Cherry Bomb

Excuse me for one minute while I get this out of the way.


Whew. Had to do that, thanks for listening.

I have to say that recently, I have been, well, unexcited. Unexcited about writing in this blog (as you can probably tell), unexcited about music (except for the new Wilco which I basically have been playing non-stop because I’m too disinterested to take anything out of it’s case), unexcited about work, life, etc. Something has been missing; a spark, an obsession, also (and this is really starting to get to me a little here at the beach) the sun.

Now though, everything has changed. THE NEW SPOON RECORD HAS BEEN LEAKED. Before you get on my case for listening to it six weeks before it’s release, let me just tell you that a) me NOT listening to it is akin to going off wine for a couple of months (in other words, impossible) and b) I went to the Spoon store and preordered a copy of the CD as well as a T-Shirt and a Hoodie to the tune of eighty bucks. Guilt assuaged.

So I’ve got it now, way early, and here is what I think: No Joke, This is an Awesome Record. And I am not just saying that because of my Britt Daniel obsession and insane love of this band.

On my first listen I had a sort of anticipation that almost put me over the top. I’ve been reading Lolita for the gazillionth time and I can only guess that it’s the same sort of anticipation that Humbert Humbert felt on that first night alone with Lolita… kind of a weird comparison I guess, but I feel, well, alive again.

Wanna hear it? Then go here. Gratitude.

Yeah, it’s called “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” I forgive them. Have a nice weekend, all.

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