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The E Show

Yeah. You might be wondering what this is all about, what with the physics and everything, something that, I would add and you would agree with, I have no idea about and also, would never talk about. So what gives?

What gives is, this was part of a ONE HOUR documentary played before the Eels show in Santa Ana I went to last night. ONE HOUR. One fucking hour. I thought I would die for a minute (actually about 30 minutes) there.

Don’t get me wrong – had I been prepared for it, I would have handled it with all the grace and aplomb that goes with being a real and true fan. But I wasn’t, and I had my head craned at an unnatural angle looking up at a scrim 5 inches in front of me for way too long. Everyone else in the pit suffered the same fate. It went on forever and it sucked royally. Why didn’t you move? You ask… well, who knew it would go on so long? I did not want to give up my spot on the rail (but I did, because I needed another vodka after about 45 minutes.)

So when E finally went on, I was a bit pissy and also in that semi-drunk state where I wondered how he could do this to me, to us? Mostly I was drunk because that movie was so long I drank way too fast. Fucking E.

But then, of course, he was on stage playing and I loved him. I LOVE him. It is hard not to, even though he had his cohort Chet read spoken word vignettes about his life onstage, which from any other person/band would seem so, I dunno, trite and lame, unless maybe it was Yo La Tengo or something.

In my advancing years, I’ve become a bit jaded, and when a musician in the course of three hours makes me want to cry, hurl something at his head, get drunk, stay sober, and then want more, I know I have seen and heard something great. And Mark “E” Everett does this to me. I love him, but I hate him; I never, ever want to have a day when I can’t hear him.

So last night? After the movie and about eighteen vodkas, E went on and started out slow and beautiful, but eventually “The Chet” joined him and it became awfully jammin’ just with the two guys. E went on drums for a while and acted like he didn’t know what he was doing but then busted out some kickass drumming. Manipulator! I hate you! I love you!

Mostly, though, I love Mark “E” Everett. And I would never miss an opportunity to see him – though now, I will know about the documentary, and will prepare accordingly. Because it is a pretty cool and interesting hour, one that I’d like to see from a proper distance sometime.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I love this band.

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