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Le Petite Blogpost

I can hardly believe that I will have been here four weeks tomorrow.  Time seemed to go pretty slowly the first couple of weeks, but when I got sick, it accelerated.  It probably would have done so even more if I would have been running around.

Tomorrow I am moving.  I will leave my little attic apartment and move to a larger place with a terrace.  I want to have friends over for dinner, and it would be, well, on the difficult side to do that here.  I went to look at the building where I am moving yesterday.  There is a teensy Mexican cafe below the apartment, and a Berber restaurant across the street.  It is more of a residential street than the one I am on right now (which has the opera, also a hospital, across the street.)  I will be on the other side of the Place d’Aligre, home of a truly kick-ass market.  There is the indoor part of the market (the Marche Beauvau) and the outdoor part in the place and the surrounding streets.  All the streets are lined with butchers, wine shops, cafes, cheese shops… inside the Marche Beauvau there is an Italian stall that has burrata.  One day I was trying to buy some when I had, literally no voice.  You try that sometime.  Anyway the woman who served me finally figured out what I wanted and then told me to go home and get better (at least I think that is what she said.)  Also in the market, they have a giant rotisserie with six whole pigs turning around.  Anthony Bourdain’s wet dream.

It is raining today.  After basically, weeks of perfect weather.  Suddenly the outdoor cafe tables are empty and everyone has moved inside.  For lunch I ate two small wheels of camembert, baked until all liquidy and served on a pool of honey.  The plat came with potatoes, which I dipped into the cheese, and salad, which I barely touched.  I am not sure I can bear to leave this place.  But of course I will, and it will be fine.

Tomorrow, while William marries Kate, I will be packing up.  The cool thing, is I will never forget where I was that day.  Kind of cool, huh?

2 Responses to “Le Petite Blogpost”

  1. nancyhol Says:

    Wow! Your month in Paris really went by fast! Way too fast!

    I like the sound of your next apartment – I bet you will love it there too. Guess you will be there for a week or so before you train to Venice. Take lots of notes – I want to her all about the apartment and the neighborhood when I see you.

  2. Jon Says:

    I can’t believe you’ve been in Paris for four weeks already. Blows my mind.

    But we’ll be seeing you in four weeks! And by then you’ll be able to tell us about it!

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