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Surviving the Blue Grotto and Other Tales of Adventure

It is our last night to look out over Spinola Bay. Who knows if I will ever get to Malta again.

We lucked out, meeting John and Angella. Yesterday, John drove us around and took us to a bunch of places – it would have been impossible, on the bus. He drove us through the cities and the small towns and through twisty streets and on pockmarked roads. We saw the Mosta Dome, where a bomb fell during World War II and did not explode, we saw the temples that are the oldest freestanding structures in the world. We took a boat into the Blue Grotto, and the sea was kind of crazy and the boat was pitching all around. As we were going in, another boat came out, and all the people had life jackets. We didn’t have any life jackets, and there were some pretty big swells out there. We’d rock a little and the boat guy would just smile a toothless smile. We’d go into a cave, and he’d say “look to the left! See the colors!” But I was looking for something I might hang on to if we went down.

Later, we went to eat with Angella, and a woman who I met in the bathroom (she commented on my hair) came to our table and presented me with a Jesus booklet. She was a missionary, and I am clearly a heathen. In the back of the booklet, there is a form you can fill out that says I, ________________ on this day of ______ the year _______, have accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. Now all my sins are forgiven and I will definitely go to heaven. Witnessed by _____________.

That just seems a little too easy to me, to get all your sins forgiven and be able to go to heaven just like that. I left the booklet on the table – it kind of freaked me out. But now I wish I had kept it.

Abortion is illegal in Malta. Divorce is not common. People drive like maniacs here. Today it was 75 degrees. Tomorrow I am leaving.

Happy Easter, may all your eggs be See’s Bordeaux.

2 Responses to “Surviving the Blue Grotto and Other Tales of Adventure”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog. How exciting that you are in Italy!! We hope you have a great Easter… We still need to get everyone together.

    Your cousins,
    Bill and Jennifer et al (Patti, Ron, Clay, Beth and Turner…)

  2. colleen Says:

    i will NEVER forget that more-thrilling-than-i-ever-expected boat ride to the blue grotto!! or any of our other amazing adventures …

    happy easter, shannona!
    may all the egss in your basket be pink and purple. 🙂

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